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MiniPrixShoP – Portable Oxygen Concentrator Touch Adjustable Full Oxygen Therapy at Home

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With this oxygen concentrator that we bring in a special offer, you can have oxygen therapy at home without having to spend hundreds of dollars on other devices or medical centers, in the easiest and fastest way.

This device provides oxygen therapy to patients in concentrations higher than those found in the environment and maintains stable oxygen flow in the blood. You can have a continuous flow of air with home oxygen only with one product. Its operation consists of sucking in the regular air from the room and compressing it through filters, eliminating harmful gases, including nitrogen, giving you an oxygen treatment at home.

If you need oxygen therapy at home then do not hesitate to buy this oxygen concentrator that we bring for you! Buy it now!




  • With a built-in nebulizer.
  • Two people can absorb oxygen simultaneously.
  • Large color LED touch screen.
  • Long working time.
  • Design with voice function.
  • Smart alarm.
  • Intelligent noise reduction system.


  • Oxygen concentration: 30% -96% (± 3%) adjustable.
  • Input power: 120W.
  • Applied voltage: AC110V / 60Hz, AC220 ± 22V50Hz.
  • Ambient temperature: 10-40 ° C.
  • Relative humidity: ≤80%.
  • Atmospheric pressure range: 869hPA-1060hPA.
  • Dimension: 10.47 × 9.05 × 11.6 inch 1S.
  • Net weight: 13,221b.

Package included:
1 x Main Oxygen Concentrator Generator.
1 x Nasal Oxygen Tube.
1 x remote control.
1 x power cord.
2 x felt filter.
2 x filter sponge.
1x user manual.

The Atomization function is used to dissolve medicine and introduce it to the respiratory system. Get advice from a professional before using this function.


1. Please read carefully the manual before use.

2. Oxygen is a combustion supporting gas. Avoid smoking and fire while using the concentrator.

3. Do not turn on and off too frequently the machine to prevent failures related to the pressurized start of the concentrator.

4. If the power cord or plug are damaged, it may cause an unsafe environment. In that case, do not use it before fix it.

5. Make sure the air inlet and exhaust port (back of the product) are not obstructed. If there is an obstacle somewhere near the back of the machine it should have at least 15 cm of free space.

6. Please replace the water in the humidification cup before any inhalation session. If you are not using the machine for a while the bottle should be emptied out.

7. For a longer service life we recommend to clean it periodically.

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